Walk the Walk

CrossFit Jacked – CrossFit


Snatch (2 sets of 3 @ 70% across, 3 sets of 2 @ 75% across)

17 minutes to complete

catch in squat

Snatch High Pull (3 sets of 3 reps @ 70% of Snatch Max)

The snatch high-pull is identical to the snatch pull with the exception of a continued upward pull of the bar with the arms following the extension of the body.



Metcon (Time)

Walk the Walk

25 Minute Cap

50/36 Bike or 1000m Row

150′ Walking Lunge (down and back length of rig 3 times)

75 AbMat Sit-ups

150′ Walking Lunge

50/36 Bike or 1000m Row

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