Sucker Punch

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Thruster (17 minutes to build to a heavy 10 rep)

– There is no re-bend of the legs at the finish of the movement

– When going for a 10-Rep, it may be helpful to only take 2-3 attempts at the 10 reps

– As you warm-up at lighter weights, work between 5-6 reps as to not fatigue too much


Metcon (Time)

Sucker Punch

15 Minute Cap


American Kettlebell Swing 53/35

Thrusters 95/65
– With 150 reps, all finishing overhead, it will be helpful to have a break-up strategy established early

– As the saying goes, “break because you planned to, not because you have to”

– There are more reps in the sets of 21 and 18 than there are in the 15-12-9 combined

– Let’s start smart on the 2 big sets and finish strong on the 3 smaller sets

– Aim for 1-2 quick breaks on the sets of 21 and 18 to preserve yourself for the back half

– Once you get to the sets of 15-12-9, see if you can complete those unbroken or with 1 quick break

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