Shrute Farms


There is no WIN-Durance Wednesday this week due to Independence Day. We’ll be performing the Hero WOD, “Klepto” tomorrow for our long WOD of the week.

CrossFit Jacked – CrossFit


Paused Back Squat (20 minutes to complete the following)

Hold 3 Second Pause at the Bottom.
2 sets of 3 reps @ 75%

2 sets of 2 reps @ 80%

*base percentages off 1RM Back Squat


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Shrute Farms

14 Minute AMRAP

100 Meter Farmers Carry 50/35

30 AbMat Sit-ups

100 Meter Farmers Carry 50/35

15 Deadlifts 205/145

– Grind away at the farmers carries, aiming for 1 break maximum

– Moving the feet quickly can decrease the time under tension

– Use the AbMat Sit-ups and Deadlifts (breaking those up) that follow as an incentive to hold on longer


This is your chance to get weight out of your hands and move at a steady pace

Focus on breathing to get the heart rate down


– Weight should be something athletes can complete in 3 sets max

*If short on dumbbells for carries, athletes can also use kettlebells

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