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Becky (Time)

For Time

800 meter Run

30 Squat Snatches 95/65

400 meter Run

30 Hang Cleans 95/65

200 meter Run

30 Back Squats 95/65

400 meter Run

30 Push-Ups

800 meter Run

30 Pull-Ups

Background: “Becky” Rebecca Sefscik, a coach at Crossfit The Tracks @crossfitthetracks (Erlanger, KY) and US military veteran, created this workout herself in 2012. Becky Sefscik sadly took her own life on August 31, 2015 after a battle with PTSD.

Her box’s website posted that the workout “was tough, just like Becky…She was one of our favorite trainers, best friends and she’s missed every day. She was not only an amazing coach, but she was one of the strongest people we all knew, mentally and physically.”

In 2015, starting with a CrossFit The Tracks fundraising event on September 7, over 100 gyms and thousands of CrossFitters worldwide did this WOD in a celebration of Becky’s life and supporting 22 Until Valhalla for veterans and families affected by suicide and PTSD.

Image of “Becky”

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