Run & Gun

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Run & Gun (Time)

20 Minute Time Cap

4 Rounds

400m Run

10 Power Clean & Jerks 135/95

10 Lateral Burpees

RX+ 155/105
WOD last completed on 12/24/18


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Rest 5 Minutes After Final Person Completes WOD


5 Rounds

1) Burpees w/ Max Vert (12 Seconds)

-On each rep, jump as high as possible. Height of jump is as important as speed of reps.

-Scaling option: Burpee Kickback

2) Squat Jumps (48 Seconds)

-Full depth squat jump

-Arms clapping overhead at peak of each jump

-Active Recovery – Slow, Continuous Movement (No Stopping)

*No rest between reps or rounds

*Total Time: 5 minutes

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