Oh Dear….What to Eat???

Are you wondering how to EAT For the OPEN? Or how to eat around your workouts?


Jacked Athletics has recently paired with Healthy Steps Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.  We want to help you inside the gym and outside the gym.  That’s why we have 5 tips to help decide how and what to eat around gym time.

Don’t Change A Thing

What you eat during the Open shouldn’t be any different than your regular nutrition.  During the week, fill up your plate with veggies, healthy fats and non-starchy carbs and protein.  These foods contain the correct balance of nutrients to fuel your workouts.


Be PreparedCathy-Hobbs-Success-Board

Meal prepping is crucial during the weeks of the Open. Be prepared and do not set yourself up for a bad decision that can negatively impact your performance.


What to Eat – Before

Directly around your workouts, find what works for you. If you have been doing CrossFit awhile, you know how close to a workout you can eat.  What do you normally do before a workout?


You need a balanced snack that contains quick carbs and protein before the workout.  The carbs will help fuel you and give you energy for the high-intensity open workouts.  Applesauce mixed with protein is a good quick option.


What to Eat – After

After the workout, it is important to consume protein and carbs within a 30-minute window.  This helps replace glycogen stores for proper recovery.  A great option is whey protein mixed with coconut water.  Whey Protein is the gold standard for building lean muscle mass.


Rian-Melchiorre-Success-BoardDrink Plenty of Water

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! It is known that dehydration can decrease performance by 20%.  And make sure to hydrate post-WOD.


Follow these simple steps to ensure optimal performance all year long, not just during the Open! 


To learn about the Jacked Nutrition Program you can schedule a 10 minute No Snack Intro with Nutrition Coach, Kelly Peek.  Just click the button below to get started!


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