Member Monday: Will Smith

Winner of our most recent transformation challenge, we had a chance to chat with CF Jacked’s very own, Will Smith.  


After battling back from a serious work-related injury, Will discusses his comeback and what it’s like being part of a great community of ordinary people at CrossFit Jacked.


Tell us about yourself.  Work?  Family life?

I live a very busy and fast-paced life with my wife Amanda and two young boys. I work for an emergency response company so I’m not always certain of when I’m going or coming but I don’t let that stop me from spending time working on myself and my family.


We workout now as a family and I believe it’s helped bring us all closer together and helped make some really great friends in the process.


What made you try CrossFit for the first time?MDMD-Will-Smith

I had always been curious about CrossFit but was never sure how to go about giving it a try.


As Amanda and I were out Christmas shopping last year I was looking on Facebook and saw the ad for the New Years Revolution challenge and said hey that’s my way to try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes.


What was your first impression of CrossFit Jacked?

Honestly from day one, I knew it was for me and immediately started to kick myself for not finding it sooner.


What physical changes have you seen thus far?

My first 28 days of CrossFit leaned my body out tremendously and gave me so much extra energy and stamina.


I couldn’t believe how much better I felt each day and how much strength I gained in such a short time period.


I was only in CrossFit for two months before having to give it up due to a work injury but I’m back again for more!


Besides coming to class, what do you enjoy doing during your free time?  Any hobbies?

Any hobbies?


Really the gym is my hobby and it’s what helps start my day but I do also enjoy taking my family to the beach.  I always hated going to the beach before because of how I used to look.   I didn’t want to be shirtless.


That’s in the past now and I’m very grateful for it.


When did you start CrossFit?

Well, I started 1/18/17 and made it two months before my ten-month layout.  I started back on 1/10/18.


What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The people!


I can’t say enough about the relationships I’ve made and the wonderful family of people that I may have never known without CrossFit. 


There’s no way that anybody at a normal gym could ever understand how much of a difference it makes to have everyone cheering you on and helping motivate you as you push yourself to do better.


Favorite music/song to CrossFit too?

I like anything that’s fast-paced but honestly, once I start lifting I don’t pay attention to the music.


Besides I’m an 80’s hair band guy and I don’t think anyone else would enjoy working out to that but me! Lol

 Tell us something that we don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I’m an identical twin.
My brother Wayne and I have always been close even though we only get to see each other 3-4 times a year.  We talk by phone several times a week.
So, if you’re across the bay and you think you see me it could be my twin.
By the way, he’s almost as good looking as me but not quite! 🤣

What advice would you offer a new member at CrossFit Jacked?

Believe in the process and in yourself.


Doubt will never allow you to be what you want to be!


No matter what, everyone here stands behind you and wants you to do well.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

My 13-year-old son, Colin, push-pressing.


I’m so incredibly proud of what he does and who he is.


He was my motivation to get back up after my injuries and he’s the one who woke up at 4 am for several weeks before school to go to the gym with me. He woke me up those mornings and even though I know it was hard for him he wanted to see me happy again and he knew the battle I was having with myself and he truly was the reason I got back in the gym.



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