How to Get Fit in One Hour a Day

Can you really get fit in one hour per day?  Seriously, 60 minutes per day.  Is that all it takes?  At CrossFit Jacked we know you can so let’s break down exactly how to do it.

Get Fit In One Hour Per Day

If you’re going to the gym you need to make the best use of your time.  You can’t do this without a proper game plan, but don’t worry…we’ve got that covered.  Here are 3 ways you can get fit and stay fit in just one hour per day.

1) Be Efficient.  The best way to become efficient when you’re at the gym is to follow some simple programming.  At CrossFit Jacked, we take the planning out of your workout.  No more sitting around thinking about what you’re going to work on at the gym.  This is not a good use of your time.

You go to the gym for one reason and one reason only.  That is to get in shape so you can feel better about your body.  If you’re a planner like myself you will spend more time planning and thinking about your workout then actually doing the workout.  Get over the planning hump and get the work done instead.

CrossFit Jacked has partnered up with Power and Grace Performance to take care of our athlete’s needs.  For those of you unfamiliar with Power and Grace Performance, they are a team full of top coaches who work with many elite level athletes.  

They ensure that CF Jacked’s programming is geared toward the beginner to intermediate athlete.  You are certain to be taken care of.  

2) Get A Coach.  Personal training can be expensive.  How do we take the expensive out of the training?  By placing you in a small class instead.  

Yes, CrossFit is more expensive than your basic gym membership but you don’t receive top programming. You don’t receive expert coaching proficient in bodyweight and barbell movements and you definitely aren’t held accountable. This leads me to our third point.


3) Be Held Accountable.  How many times have you started a gym membership in your lifetime with good intentions?  How many times have those good intentions prevailed?  Probably not many.

By joining the community at CrossFit Jacked you are included in a group of like-minded people all with the same goal in mind.  Get in shape and feel great.  Many lasting friendships have started in regular CrossFit classes.

For myself, I didn’t know a lot of people after moving from Birmingham to Mobile years ago.  Now a majority of my friends I have met through CrossFit.  There’s a bond there.  You know you’ve been through the fire in class each day together and it’s a wonderful feeling sharing those moments together.

Take action today and don’t wait any longer.  Now’s the time to get going.  Call or stop by today!

Until next time….Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!