Fitness Success: 10 Tips to Motivate Yourself

No one has ever gotten fit overnight. It takes consistent work and a focused mindset to get the end result. You have to motivate yourself each day to do the stuff that doesn’t come easy. Becoming fit starts with your mindset but you’re going to need more than mindset to stick to fitness for the long haul. And if you haven’t made fitness a priority going to the gym each and every day is not going to be easy.

This is where CrossFit Jacked is here to help. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. I can relate. I used to think of fitness as something I’d commit to eventually. You know the ‘One Day’ syndrome. “One day I’ll start going to the gym.” One day this, one day that.

I was really good at quitting what I started. I’d start going to the gym consistently for 5 or 6 months. Something would come up at work and I’d get “super-busy” and decide to take a day off. Well, that one day lead to two and you get the drift. I’d stop going altogether.

However, CrossFit changed my mindset and CrossFit Jacked can change yours too. First, we offer accountability. You’ll be accountable to many. You have coaches and other members within our classes who expect you to show up. Knowing this, it’s a lot harder not to come than to show and up and get the workout done. Besides, I’ve never heard anyone regret that they got a workout in each day.

Second, CrossFit Jacked handles the programming so you don’t have too. Have you ever walked into a gym not knowing what you’re going to do? We all have. I remember there were many days at a Globo-gym where I knew what body part I’d work but not how I was going to work it. So, there I was aimlessly wandering from machine-to-machine. If you’re doing that now, cut it out.

CrossFit Jacked has partnered with Power and Grace Performance to bring you top-notch programming for any and all athletes.

Lastly, CrossFit Jacked has great coaching. You’re no longer alone in the gym wondering if you’re doing weightlifting movements the right way. You have professionals watching you and fixing your mistakes. Our number one goal at CrossFit Jacked is to keep you healthy so you keep coming back. We guarantee that if you follow our instruction we’ll help you become stronger, more mobile, and get you in the best shape of your life.

Now that we have listed all the external motivating factors, how do you motivate yourself internally? This is where you have to take control but we’ll show you how with these 10 tips.

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10 Tips to Motivate Yourself

1. Create Small, Bite-Sized Goals – My son likes going to the local donut shop for a special treat whenever he gets an opportunity. One of the many reasons he likes going is so that he can get hold of the free donut holes the nice staff place in his bag. There’s a reason donut holes are so awesome. They’re easy to eat! Before you know it, you’ll eat a dozen if you’re not careful. This is how goals should be.

Take your big goal (donut) and break it down into bite-sized, consumable goals (donut holes). This way you can feel you’re making progress towards the big picture. Feel the progress, take notice of your achievement and continue kicking butt.

2. Have an Accountability Buddy – This goes back to the introduction and what I spoke of before. You have to surround yourself with people who push you, who challenge you and who make you better. Anything less and you’re doing yourself a disservice. CrossFit Jacked is here to help. Join our community and become part of something amazing!

3. Motivational Quotes – Pinterest is awesome and whenever you need a little motivation go search “fitness motivation” to get some help. Trust me, you’ll be ready to go kick some a*$ after cycling through some ofStay Dedicated these motivational quotes! Whatever motivational quote pushes you, print it out and tape it to your mirror. Let it be the first thing you see each day.

4. Understand Your Why“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

What is pushing you to get healthier? What makes you want to get stronger and leaner? Understand your purpose and let it fuel your drive. When you understand your purpose then it will change your attitude making it easier to do the things you know you need to do.

5. Stay Focused on the Big Picture – It’s inevitable. There are going to be days where you will feel like you have 100 other things to do to keep you from going to the gym. Heck, there are going to be days when it’s raining outside and that will be a big enough excuse for you to keep away from the gym. This is why you must stay focused on the big picture.

As I was preparing to write ‘Six weeks to Lean‘ I knew it was going to be a daunting task. This is one of the reasons it took me so long to get around to writing it. I knew it wasn’t something that could be written overnight but I also knew that I could potentially impact thousands of people.

Knowing the impact I could make is what allowed me to stay focused on the end result. Keep your eye on the big picture so you won’t veer away.

6. Put Your Shoes On – Putting your shoes on falls in line with creating small bite-sized goals. There will be times when you will have good intentions on hitting the gym but you’ll procrastinate anyway. Go ahead and stop the procrastination by just putting on your shoes. This little event will help trigger your mind to get going.

Sometimes we need all the help we can get. Go ahead and give yourself that nudge by doing something small.

7. Make It Fun – If you’re having fun, you’re going to be motivated to keep at whatever it is you’re doing. This includes fitness and is one of the many reasons CrossFit is a great exercise program! Loud music, great workouts and an awesome community of like-minded people make your workout experience the best part of your day.

You ever notice that when you’re having fun, you’re more upbeat and optimistic? Yeah, this rocks!

Vintage Slogan With Motivation.8. Check Your Expectations – Know what you’re capable of. It’s amazing to watch athletes transform when they first join the beginner classes. The first day is always the worst day because you don’t really know what to expect and how your body is going to react in a CrossFit workout. By the fourth class, that person is not the same as they were when they first joined. The body can become extremely more efficient within just a couple weeks.

I still remember the feeling from my first CF workout. I’d been in the gym prior to it for quite some time but it felt like I was just starting to workout for the first time. It was amazing. You’ve got to celebrate these things. Congratulate yourself for running up the stairs without losing your breath. Celebrate when your thighs are no longer rubbing together every time you take a step forward.

Changes in weight and body fat percentage may take a bit longer but they will happen if you put in the work. Know this and continue to work towards it.

9. Reward Yourself – Go Shopping – When first starting a fitness routine we all love to go out and buy new gym clothes, new gym shoes or a new gym bag. It’s fun and important from a psychological standpoint to get us focused on what it is we’re doing. It’s a way of rewarding ourselves for making this important healthy decision.

So it’s imperative that you continue to reward yourself as you keep chugging along. Set some milestones in your fitness journey like losing 5 lbs, 10 lbs or going down a pant size. Reward yourself with new clothes or new fitness equipment. Whatever it is to keep you going.

10. Visualize the Future and Then Make it Happen – You need to stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re going to achieve. What kind of impact can you make on your overall body and fitness level? Think about the future you’re creating for yourself. Visualize it. Do it because it’s never too late to be awesome.

Until next time…Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!