Erica Bridgman, Athlete of the Month

We had an opportunity to check-in with one of our members, Erica Bridgman, as we recognize her as Athlete of the Month.  Erica discusses her journey thus far in CrossFit and how not only her physical health but mental health has improved over the course of a year.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how Jacked Athletics can improve your life.


Erica, tell us about yourself.

I am Erica Bridgman a very intense and competitive person who likes to eat. I love hanging out with people and I love physical fitness. I love to push myself, watch, and feel myself do things I never thought I could do.

What made you want to start CrossFit?  When did you start? Why do you do it now?

I started CrossFit because at the age of 32 I was dead, physically and mentally. I was 20-25lbs overweight and mentally exhausted. I just couldn’t do life anymore.

As I was lying in bed, in the middle of the day, my husband came into the room and announced he “won” a free Jacked Athletics t-shirt. So, we went to go get his free shirt and both signed up for classes.

CrossFit has always intrigued me, but I thought I could never in a million years DO CrossFit. We started CrossFit at Jacked Athletics October 2016 and have never regretted a day since. I CrossFit now because I like to feel strong, look strong, and get stronger.

What were your first thoughts after your first WOD?

My thoughts after my first WOD were; that’s horrible, that’s hard, I’m ready for tomorrow……. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually finish the WOD.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?

What I have enjoyed most about CrossFit are the friendships I have made.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

I have several proud CrossFit moments. I have never in my entire life had the ability to do a single pull-up. Now I can do ONE strict pull-up. Back squatting 200+ lbs was a big deal for me and so were handstand push-ups.

What is your favorite WOD?  Least favorite?

My favorite WOD is any WOD with lots of barbell in it. I hate bodyweight movements. So, WODs with a lot of body weight movements are my least favorite.

What is your favorite lift?  Least favorite?

My favorite lift is the squat clean. I don’t have a least favorite lift, but the snatch is a very difficult lift for me.

What are your CrossFit goals? How close are you to reaching them?

I would love to be able to coach CrossFit on a regular basis. My goal is to get at least my level 1 certification. I hope to start on that by the end of this year.

What impact has CrossFit had on you in and out of the gym?

CrossFit has changed my entire life from the inside-out. I have gained tons of muscle and lost about 22lbs. I’m way more outgoing outside of the gym and my mental toughness keeps getting better.

What is your diet like?  How has it changed since you started CrossFit?

My diet is cleaner than before we started CrossFit. I’m way more mindful of what I put in my mouth. Normally in a day, I have a protein shake to start my day; fruit and protein for a snack; lean meat/ complex carb/ veggie for lunch; protein shake for an afternoon snack; lean meat/ veggie for dinner.

If you could create a WOD, what would it look like?

If I created a WOD it would be 40 wall balls, 30 kettlebell swings, 20 squat cleans, 10 lateral burpees.

What advice do you have for others about the importance of physical activity and taking care of yourself?

My advice to others about physical activity is….. it’s cheaper for me to pay my CrossFit membership a month than it was for me to pay my doctor bills because of the mental and physical problems I was having. I miss out on less and have way more friendships because I’m not at home in my bed 20 hrs a day.

What advice would you give to someone new to Jacked Athletics?

The advice I would give to someone new at Jacked Athletics is……. Give it time every day, fall in love with the process (no one walks into the gym able to do everything), watch yourself smash any goal you set and get ready to be the strongest version of yourself you have ever seen.

In your own words, what makes CrossFit different from other fitness programs that you’ve tried in the past?

CrossFit is different from other fitness programs because CrossFit takes all the other fitness programs you have ever done and combines them all. CrossFit is a sport, it’s always evolving and there is no time to get bored.

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