App Review: 4Time

A good timer can be hard to find but that’s where CrossFit Jacked is here to help.  The reason we’re reviewing a timer app is because it wasn’t too long ago that I had it all figured out.

Why a Timer App Review?

I was using the PushPress Free Timer App and life was great.PushPress Timer Image  That was until PushPress decided to open the door to load their app with advertisements.

Not that I necessarily mind advertisements but it messed up the functionality of the app that I so obsessively loved.

The timer screen had to adapt to the advertisement that was now placed on the screen so instead of making the advertisement smaller PushPress “intelligently” made the timer smaller instead.  Thus, it became very easy to click on the advertisement when attempting to push “Play” or “Pause” on the timer.

With the timer being smaller it was also harder to see the time from far away. Continue reading “App Review: 4Time”