Big Bird

CrossFit Jacked – CrossFit


Snatch (20 minutes to build to a heavy single)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Big Bird

18 Minute AMRAP

20 Alt Dumbbell Snatches 50/35

20/15 Cal Row or Bike

20 DB Box Step-Ups 24/20 (Use same weight from DB Snatch)

20 Pull-ups
*Looking to complete 3+ to 4+ rounds, or rounds taking less than 6 minutes to complete


– Pick a weight that you can complete the snatches and box step-ups with 1 break max each round

– For the dumbbell snatches, alternate hands every rep for a total of 20 reps

– For the box step-ups, hold the dumbbell however you’d like and alternate legs for a total of 20 reps

If short on machines, stagger heats by 2 minutes

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