Beginners Guide to CrossFit Terminology

To the beginner, CrossFit can be overwhelming at times. Think about it. Brain stimulation going haywire. You’re coping with a new atmosphere, loud music, sweaty smiling people, technical movements you’re attempting to learn and then the CrossFit terminology on top of it all.

“Pood”? Well, you can bet that I’m not touching anyone’s “Pood”. So, here comes CFJ to the rescue with a quick guide to 53 of the most common terms we use in CrossFit.

Movement Terminology

1. Air Squat – a body weight squat
2. Box Jump – An exercise where you jump onto and down from an elevated platform.
3. BP – Bench Press
4. BS – Back Squat
5. BW: Body weight
6. C&J: Clean and Jerk
7. CTB or C2B: Chest to Bar (pull ups)
8. DL: Deadlift
9. DU’s: Double Unders – 2 turns of the jump rope per jump
10. FS: Front Squat
11. GHD: Glute-Hamstring Developer
12. GHR: Glute-hamstring Raise
13. HSPU: Hand Stand Push Up
14. K2E: Knees to Elbows
15. MP: Military Press
16. MU: Muscle Up – A combination of a pull up and a ring dip.
17. OHS: Overhead Squat
18. Pistol: One-legged squat.
19. PJ: Push jerk
20. PP: Push Press
21. PU: Pull Up or Push Up
22. SDHP: Sumo Deadlift High Pull
23. SJ: Split Jerk
24. SN: Snatch
25. T2B: Toes to Bar
26. Thruster: Front Squat into a Push Press



Basic Workout Terminology

1. 3, 2, 1 GO: A countdown used at the start of CrossFit WODs.
2. AMRAP: As Many Reps (or Rounds) as Possible
3. Chipper: A workout with many reps and many movements. Hence, you chip away at it.
4. DNF: Did Not Finish. For WODs with a fixed amount of work and a time cap, it is possible to not finish the prescribed amount of work in the given time. in such cases, the score will be summed up as “DNF”.
5. EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute
6. MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning
7. PR: Personal Record – You’ll see yellow ribbons on the WODIFY whiteboard when you hit these. Congratulations!
8. Rep: A repetition or one instance of a given exercise.
9. RX: As prescribed. Parameters such as weight for a given workout.
10. Set: A group of repetitions.
11. Tabata: A protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. A workout of 8 intervals totaling 4 minutes. Score the lowest interval rep count.
12. WOD: Workout of the Day

Other Terminology

1. Athlete: This is YOU. As long as you’re pursuing health and fitness here at CrossFit Jacked we will refer to you as an athlete.
2. Beast: An athlete with exceptionally good work capacity or work ethic. At CrossFit Jacked, we like to “Release the Beast” within us.
3. Box: CrossFit gyms are typically referred to as a ‘box’ because they are traditionally located in industrial type warehouses.
4. CFT: CrossFit Total – The combined weight of your max back squat, shoulder press and deadlift.
5. Firebreather: An elite level CrossFit athlete.
6. Girls: Several classic CrossFit benchmark workouts that are given female names. The names of these workouts are based on personal whim and not named after actual girls.
7. Heroes: Several CrossFit Benchmark Workouts are named after actual military, law enforcement and firefighters that have died in the line of duty. These workouts are typically very difficult as a way of honoring these heroes. Unfortunately, the list of Hero WODs continues to grow.
8. KB: Kettle Bell
9. ME: Max Effort. This means to as hard as possible in the workout.
10. Paleo: A nutritional diet with the principle that humans are best suited to eat only foods that have been available in nature for millions of years. Paleo excludes refined sweeteners, grain and grain based foods, alcohol, legumes (beans, peas,peanuts), dairy and other processed or artificial ingredients.
11. Pood: Weight measure for kettlebells.
12. Pukie: The name of a fictional clown in a cartoon drawing depicted as vomiting as a result of intense exercise. Developed in the very early days of CrossFit making its way around the Internet as a badge of honor. However, CrossFit Jacked doesn’t agree with this method. If you puke as a result of your CrossFit workout, you are doing it wrong – tone down your intensity and pay attention to how your body is responding to the workout.
13. Rhabdo: Rhabdomyolysis – A dangerous condition where muscle fibers break down at a high rate.
14. ROM: Range of Motion
15. UB: unbroken (perform all in a row)

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any more we can add to the list. Until next time…Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!