August 2017 – Athlete of the Month, Ethan Jordan

We recently caught up with one of our teenage athletes, Ethan Jordan.  Ethan was one of our very first athletes when we opened our doors and his work ethic and great attitude have prospered amazing results which is why he’s our athlete of the month.  

In less than a year, Ethan has been able to lose over 50 pounds while increasing his overall strength.  Check out his video and see the transcript below to see how Ethan  has been able to succeed in this awesome transformation!

Q: Ethan, tell us about yourself.

A: I’m Ethan Jordan, I’m 14 years old. I’m about to start my Freshman year at MGM. I’ve been doing CrossFit since September 2016.

Q: What made you want to start CrossFit? When did you start? Why do you do it now?

A: I started off by winning a free month. Once my month was up, I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to continue in order to get in better shape for football. CrossFit is my new way of life…I look forward to doing it everyday. It makes me stronger and healthier.

Q: What were your first thoughts after your first WOD?

A: After my first WOD, I thought WOW, I’m hurting everywhere.  I pushed through because I believed in it! I knew it would make me a better athlete and a healthier person.

Q: What do you enjoy most about CrossFit? 

A: The people I’ve met. Setting goals and accomplishing goals. I look forward to reaching the next goal I set.


Q: What is your proudest CrossFit moment? 

A: My proudest moment is when my CrossFit family came to support me at my very first MGM Lift-A-Thon.  Seeing them cheer for me in the stands was amazing. 


Q: What is your favorite WOD? Least favorite?

A: My favorite WOD would be rowing, deadlifts and maybe toe to bars. I don’t dread any WOD, but if I had to say what a least favorite is, it would be a workout with a lot of burpees. 

Q: What is your favorite lift? Least favorite?

A: My favorite lift is definitely power cleans and deadlifts. My Least favorite lift is thrusters.


Q: What are your CrossFit goals? How close are you to reaching them?

A: I’m working everyday to be able to do every CrossFit movement efficiently. I get closer to reaching my goals everyday.


Q: What impact has CrossFit had on you in and out of the gym?

A: Inside the gym, I’m much stronger and can do a lot of things that I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. Outside of the gym, I have better self esteem. I’m a better athlete, and I have a better attitude in general.


Q: What is your diet like? How has it changed since you started CrossFit? 

A: My diet since starting CrossFit has changed drastically.  I eat very little carbs and sugar. I have  LOTS of protein and veggies. I eat about 5 times per day.

Q: If you could create a WOD, what would it look like?

A:  If I could create a WOD, it would be: 3 rounds of, 10 deadlifts, 20 toe to bars, and 20 hand-release push-ups. 20 minute time cap.


Q: What advice do you have for others about the importance of physical activity and taking care of yourself?

A:  My advice to others about the importance of  physical activity would be: Physical activity makes you feel better! Both physically and mentally. Everyone needs to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle.


Q: What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit Jacked?

A:  My advice to a new member at CrossFit Jacked is:  Stick with it. It’s not easy, but it pays off! There are going to be times that you want to give up. You have to continue to push through and keep going. You will be a better person for it!


Q: In your own words, what makes CrossFit different from other fitness programs that you’ve tried in the past?

A:  CrossFit is different from other fitness programs, mainly because it’s something new everyday. The coaches are always by my side, encouraging and helping me set, and reach goals.

It’s one big FAMILY!


Free Write (say anything you want to here)

A: Joining CrossFit Jacked in September 2016 was the BEST decision that I’ve ever made. Getting acclimated to the workouts was a tough road at first, but I have no regrets. 

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