App Review: 4Time

A good timer can be hard to find but that’s where Jacked Athletics is here to help.  The reason we’re reviewing a timer app is because it wasn’t too long ago that I had it all figured out.

Why a Timer App Review?

I was using the PushPress Free Timer App and life was great.PushPress Timer Image  That was until PushPress decided to open the door to load their app with advertisements.

Not that I necessarily mind advertisements but it messed up the functionality of the app that I so obsessively loved.

The timer screen had to adapt to the advertisement that was now placed on the screen so instead of making the advertisement smaller PushPress “intelligently” made the timer smaller instead.  Thus, it became very easy to click on the advertisement when attempting to push “Play” or “Pause” on the timer.

With the timer being smaller it was also harder to see the time from far away.

PushPress Timer with Advertisement

Initially, it frustrated me but I thought, “Oh well, this is their way of getting me to pay for the app and remove the advertisements.  I was glad to do this because I enjoyed using the app and the least I could do was pay for the app that had gotten me through many a grueling workout.

However, PushPress didn’t see it this way as there is currently no option to purchase the app and remove the advertisements.  Well, way to go PushPress.  You just lost a customer.

4Time to the Rescue

After saying my goodbyes to PushPress I went on the hunt for a great timer to replace what I lost.  Easier said than done.  I downloaded and quickly deleted many timer apps before coming across 4Time.  Though it’s a paid app, currently $.99 on iTunes, it is well worth the money.  In fact, I would gladly pay 5x that for this app but let’s keep that between us.

The first thing you’ll notice as you open 4Time are the pleasant graphics and the giant numbers that fill the screen.  Second, it’s very simple to move within the app.

4Time Screenshot

It didn’t take long after downloading to figure out the navigation and see how each of the timers worked.  Loaded with options, this app is CrossFit Jacked approved.  And since this is a paid app, there shouldn’t be a concern with advertisements popping up in the future.

To show you how simple this app is to use I’ve included a video tutorial below in case you are on the fence about making this purchase.

If you already have a timer app you love and use, let us know what it is and why you love it in the comments below.  Until next time..Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!



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