55 Signs You Fell In Love With CrossFit

College Football is now back in full swing, Labor Day weekend is upon us and it’s Friday. To celebrate this Fantastic Friday today, we’re going to have a little fun.

CrossFit Jacked has searched the internet high and low, heck, even some we’ve come up with on our own but we’re bringing you a whole host of ways you can determine if you’re in love with CrossFit.

We hope you enjoy, maybe even laugh a little and can relate to a whole lot.

55 Signs You’re In Love With CrossFit.

1)  You Give It All You’ve Got – So much so that you’re a train wreck on the floor after each workout.  In what other fitness programs would you even think about laying your body on a disgusting gym floor and mentally being okay with it.

Train Wreck

2)  You can’t wait to come back and do it all over again. – You’ve just completed a WOD and you’re already thinking one of two things…1) I’ll do better tomorrow. 2) Hope tomorrow’s not as bad as today.

3)  The last thing you do before going to bed every night is to check Wodify for tomorrow’s workout.

4)  The first thing you do every morning is check Wodify for today’s workout.  Even if you checked it the night before.  You know, just to make sure it didn’t change or that you were reading it right!

5)  You hate rest days.  They seem to get in the way of you and CrossFit.

6)  You like watching people exercise fast.  Seriously, it’s really cool.Hook Grip Thumb

7)  You’ve posted photos of your ripped hand or bruised hook-grip thump (guilty) on Social Media and wear it proudly.  Proudly meaning you know how hard you worked.  A ripped hand is unfortunate but just another battle scar against you torching fat.

8)  You hook-grip everything..steering wheels, shopping carts, etc.

9)  Everything in your life is now, “For Time”.

10)  You cut the grass, “For Time”.

11)  Your laundry consists of a lot of gym clothes and little else.

12)  Instead of fidgeting, you pick at your calluses.

13)  Your Facebook newsfeed and profile page is CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit….

14)  You settle your problems with others in the form of burpees (kids, spouse, friends).

15)  You go on vacation and forget to pack your toothbrush but you remembered everything in your entire gym bag.  At least you know your priorities.

16)  You couldn’t be more proud of your callused hands.

17)  Your spouse doesn’t enjoy you rubbing their back with your bare calloused hands.

18)  You speak a different language.  The WOD is 3 RFT of 25 HSPU, 15 FS and 9 S2OH.

19)  PR’s make all the difference.  So what, you got fired today.  But you got your yellow ribbon PR!

20)  You fret at anything more than a 400m run.  We’re CrossFitters, not marathon runners.

21)  You feel compelled to hit handstands and pistols in random places and then post them on social media.

22)  You know every day is leg day.

23)  The first thing you talk about with your CrossFit friends is today’s WOD.  

24)  The last thing you talk about with your CrossFit friends is tomorrow’s WOD.

25)  When booking a vacation, you book your hotel and then find the closest CrossFit box.

26)  You like squats and you like bacon.  In no specific order.

27)  Everyone you know, knows you CrossFit.  Really.  Everyone.

28)  You schedule everything around your CrossFit class.  It’s never the other way around.

29)  You carry at least 2 pairs of shoes in your gym bag.

30)  You check Wodify on Sunday, just in case.

31)  You hate burpees but you still love them.

32)  You forgot what it feels like to not be sore.

33)  A massage is no longer a luxury.  It’s a necessity.

34)  You can’t remember the last time you did a bicep curl.

35)  You meet a stranger and find out they do CrossFit.  Suddenly you’re best friends and the conversation never stops.

36)  You have suffered cuts and lash marks from many a double under.

37)  You have thrown your jump rope halfway across the gym floor in frustration with hitting a double under.

38)  You begin thinking of how many different ways you can “Sally Up”.

39)  You’ve tried Paleo at least once.

40)  You use the term RX more than Pharmacists.Keep Calm and do crossfit

41)  You’re in the best shape of your life.

42)  You won’t be caught dead working out in “running shoes” ever again.

43)  You’re only at the gym an hour but you’ll change shoes twice.

44)  Your wife doesn’t get offended when you tell her you’re doing Diane, Elizabeth and Fran.

45)  You welcome lifting heavy boxes to practice your deadlift form.

46) You get nervous before workouts.  Oh, those butterflies during a countdown.

47)  You have a garage but you don’t park your cars in it.

48)  You no longer think it’s dirty when talking about snatches and thrusters.

49)  You receive CrossFit equipment and gear for Valentines Day.  He really does love you.

50)  You consider the pull-up an ab workout.

51)  You’ve never done an ab workout but your core is rock hard.

52)  Pants shopping is a nightmare.

53)  The gym is considered your second home.

54)  You have watched every single video on the main site.

55)  You think about how you can apply the Sumo Deadlift High Pull to life activities.

Until next time…Stay Jacked, Stay Strong.