10 Things to Expect On Your First Day of CrossFit

There are 2 types of people that we see walk into CrossFit classes.  There are those who are excited and ready to jump right in and there are those who are a bit standoffish trying to take it all in.  


Nothing wrong with either but there is something that both have in common.  They’re both nervous and neither are sure what to expect.  


As a strength and conditioning coach, it’s my job to not only help people get in great shape but to help these people feel comfortable and allow them to realize that CrossFit is something anyone can do.


Knowing this, we’ve come up with 10 things you can expect on your first day of CrossFit.

1) There’s more to fitness than bicep curls.

Pick up most fitness magazines and what are you going to see?  Supplement ads, some recipes, and the big selling point…a fitness program promising you a ripped and shredded body in 6 to 12 weeks.


You then see photos of men or women doing cable curls in their nice jacked and tan body while most likely these men and women are promoting a program they’re not even following.


And that’s what the main population thinks of when it comes down to fitness.  Well, let me be the one to say it.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Don’t believe the hype.[/perfectpullquote]


2) No one cares about you..but they do care about “You”CrossFit-Jacked-Athletes-Laughing

I get it.  When you’re the new kid in an environment, it’s easy to assume that everyone is staring at you and judging you.  You’re thinking, “I’ll just stay in this corner and out of the way that way no one notices me so they don’t realize I don’t know what I’m doing.”


It can feel like you’re out of place and that you don’t belong.  I know you’re feeling like this because I felt like that too.


Please believe, this thought process couldn’t be further from the truth.  Everyone is worried about their own workout and no one is looking at you.


3) You don’t know anything

But that’s okay.  It can feel overwhelming stepping into class for the first time.  On the outside, it seems like everyone has been doing this for so long.  After all, there are some who look in great shape, there are others with good technique, and then there’s you.


It’s funny to look back when I first started weight training and think about all the mistakes I made.  


For instance, I’ll never forget as a teenager getting a job with the YMCA.  Was it as a personal trainer?  Heck no.  With my skinny arms and lack of ever stepping into a weight room, I definitely would not have qualified for that.


My job was to help out with the after-school program.  By far, not the best position for me but it did come with a perk of having a free membership to the facility.  I decided then that it was a great opportunity to try the whole fitness thing.  


I remember stepping into the gym for the first time.  There were machines and mirrors everywhere.  So, I did what any rational teenager would do.  I hit every machine I could.  Who knows how long I was in there attempting to work out?


Notice I said attempt.  From that moment, all I remember is being at home as the soreness began to sit in a few hours later.  I remember falling asleep on the living room floor,  leaning back on the couch as it propped me up.


I felt awful.  Nauseous, lightheaded, and ruined was what it felt like when I woke up.  It was months before I ever stepped back in a gym again.


This doesn’t have to be you.  With expert coaching, Jacked Athletics gives you the professional guidance so you always feel in control and always knowing what to do next.


4) There’s Structure In Chaos

From the outside, it looks like a whole lot of clanging and banging.  Weights dropping from overhead, people swinging from the pull-up bars and others jumping on top of boxes.  


What’s really taking place is a structured workout known as the Workout of the Day or WOD.  A variety of 2 or more movements performed at a high intensity over a certain period of time.


There lies the beauty of CrossFit.  Programming changes from day-to-day whether it’s the movement, weight used, or time doing work.  You can’t get bored nor fall into a rut when performing CrossFit.


5) You Don’t Know This Type of Fitness Exists

I began CrossFit back in 2013.  Up to that point, I considered myself to be in decent shape.  After all, I ran 6-10 miles per week and went to a regular gym 5 days out of the week.  


I was active and considered myself strong.  That all came to an end the day I started CrossFit.  After my first CrossFit workout, I began asking myself if I really had been working out all this time.  


I laid on the floor in a pool of sweat smiling knowing I found the missing link in my fitness.  Challenging and scalable to anyone’s fitness level, CrossFit was a different kind of fitness.  It is truly what fitness is all about.  


6) It’s Okay to Drop The Weights (no lunk alarm)

Go to an average gym and drop some weights on the floor.  Once the Earth begins to settle, brace yourself.  It’s coming.  That damn alarm.


Not in CrossFit.  No alarms and no one crying that you’re being too loud.  Now, if you like the quiet and hearing yourself, heave, huff, and puff then maybe CrossFit is not for you.


But for those who like to zone out and go to another planet, (no pun intended) then we’re here for you!


7) It’s Loud

As I just mentioned, CrossFit gyms are loud.  It helps take the suck out of the workout.  Trust me when I say this.  Workouts are much easier when music is blaring.


There’s just something about loud music when you’re getting in a good sweat that makes it so peaceful.


8) It’s Never Too Soon To Start (you don’t have to be in shape)

You can’t be too out of shape to start CrossFit.  Over the years, we’ve heard this excuse many times.  But you see, there’s only one way to get better at CrossFit.  You do CrossFit.  


The only regret people have after starting CrossFit and sticking with it is not having started CrossFit sooner.  Don’t let that be you.


Get in, leave feeling great, then repeat.  That’s how you will get better at CrossFit.


9) Intensity

Just in case you forgot, CrossFit is an intense workout.  With the intensity, you should take a certain level of precaution and eat before you come.


One common and avoidable mistake people make is coming to a CF workout on an empty stomach.  If you haven’t had anything to eat or if it’s 4 pm and you haven’t eaten since morning the high-intensity workout you’re about to go through is not going to be easy on you.


Take care of your body, give it the nutrients it needs and it will take care of you.


10) You Might Not Want to LeaveWhitney-Smith-Lifting-Posing

The community inside a CrossFit gym is very unique.  Go to any CrossFit gym and you will find that each has its own culture.  No one gym is directly the same.


Your fellow gym members become a sort of extended family.  After all, you give each workout your all and are able to share this experience with other people just like you.


The CrossFit gym becomes your home away from home where everybody knows your name. (Did you just sing the “Cheers” theme song? “And we’re always glad you came….”) I


Regardless, it’s a special group to be a part of and is healthier than any “bar” you go too.


Until Next Time…Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!


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