10 Reasons to Join Jacked & Nasty

Do you love weightlifting? Then you’re going to love this!

It’s coming! Saturday, January 7th-9am to 12pm located at the Semmes Community Center in Semmes, AL.  CrossFit Jacked presents Jacked & Nasty.

What is Jacked & Nasty?

This is a 4 person team event with the following divisions:
– 4 Male
– 4 Female
– 2 Male / 2 Female

Max-effort lifts include:
– Back Squat
– Deadlift
– Bench Press
– Push Press
– Snatch (Power or Squat)
– Clean & Jerk (Power or Squat)

Each athlete is responsible for 3 of the 6 lifts and will be given 3 attempts at each lift. It doesn’t matter which lifts the athlete completes as long as 2 athletes from each team complete each lift giving the team a 2-person score for weight lifted in each movement.

Winner of each division is based on total pounds lifted by combining total scoring from all 6 lifts. So, if your team is weak in the Snatch but strong in the Bench Press then the Bench Press is where you can make up ground.

If you’re not convinced yet to sign up now then here are 10 more reasons why you should.

10 Reasons to Join Jacked & Nasty

1) You’re A Competitor Who Loves Competition

We all love to compete. That’s one of the reasons we love to do CrossFit. The Wodify whiteboard has us hooked every day.

I bet that the most of us check our gym’s whiteboard on the daily even when we didn’t get a chance to workout. Why? Because we’re competitive and we want to know what our friends are doing.

Unleash your competitive spirit this year at Jacked & Nasty!

2) You Love the Strength Training in CrossFit (then you’re going to love this) 

Face it. There are some of us who don’t like to move fast. The WODs aren’t our favorite in CrossFit. The lifting is what sucks us in. If you’re this person then this event is for you!

3) You Value the Importance of a Team 

You may be thinking that you suck at certain lifts and you won’t add value to your team. Stop that way of thinking. I’m 100% certain your team is placing the same pressure on themselves to perform well. You can add value. Show up and do your best.

4) Set Benchmarks for 2017 

We’re at the beginning of the year and now’s the time for proper goal setting. Establish your baseline on your lifts at this event and walk-away with new goals in mind for 2017.

5) Break Old PR’s 

Competitions seem to bring out the PRs in people. Maybe it’s the adrenaline, maybe it’s the change of environment or maybe it’s all the training you’ve put in throughout the year.

More than likely, it’s all of it. Put yourself to the test and get ready for a challenge.

Weightlifting-Meme6) You Like to See People Lift Heavy Weight 

If you’re like me, and I know you are, you can spend hours just watching people lift. There’s just something fun about watching people throw around heavy weight. Now you can take part in it and see it in person!

7) See Some of your Favorite Vendors 

The following vendors will have tables set up on location: Mobile Cryotherapy, RedBar, 5 Star Nutrition. Make sure you go by their booth and show some support!

Make sure you go by their booth and show some support!

8) A Chance to Prepare for the Open 

Believe it or not, we’re now 8 weeks out from the Open. What better way to prepare to be your best this year than to take part in a local event. Bring your game face, heck, bring your war paint too!

You’re going to get stronger this day. Let’s make it happen!

9) Take Advantage of a Steal 

Priced at only $180 ($45 a person) per team, this event is a bargain.

10) No Worries About the Weather

This event will be indoors so no need to dress for the cold or bring an umbrella. The outside elements will not be a factor and there will be plenty of room for your friends and family. We hope to see you all soon!


Now, get busy because registration closes on Wednesday, January 4th!  You can register your team below.


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